Tea Towels

Laura's Tea Towels

Laura's Tea Towels

My partner Jan and I swapped our towels this week. These are the ones I made. I carved a stamp from my window design, and printed it on my tea towels with a golden yellow oil based printing ink. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out.

Jan's Tea towels

Jan's towels are lovely fiesta tea cups that match my kitchen so nicely. What fun to get in the mail!

I'll be linking and sharing everyone else's soon. Check out the flickr pool, or add yours.


Jan said...

Your photo of the towels I sent looks so much cooler than the ones I took! And alongside the Fiesta pitcher, too! I love it. I had SO much fun with this! And all the towels on flickr look great, too! Thanks for doing this, Laura.

Claire said...

This was too fun! I got my amazing towels yesterday- and will unveil them on my stove on PASCHA (so the kitchen will be in celebration mode, too!) Thanks, Laura