I love cloth napkins, but so far I've only bought them at yard sales and goodwill. After I saw this tutorial via Sew Mama Sew's fat quarter month, I decided this would be a good use for my spoonflower fabrics. Since my fabric was inspired by living room (and my living room colors come from my fiesta ware), my fabric just happens to be perfect for around the house sewing, at least my house. So, I'll probably end up using a lot of it for that kind of thing.

I included the edge of my dutch oven in the corner of this picture so you could see the difference in the red I was going for and the red I had printed. The more I look at my digital pictures of my printed fabric, I realize that the red really didn't print as differently from my image as I thought. I think part of the difference in what I wanted and what I got comes from the way we view color as light (computer monitor) and color as pigment (fabric). It seems normal to look at a really bright red on my computer, but translated to pigment it seems like neon. You know what I mean? Well, at any rate, it's another good reason to get the spoonflower swatch before printing.

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Anonymous said...

these are SO cute. i am truly obsessed with cloth napkins. it's all we use.