Number 4

I've been tagged by my new friend Caitlyn. Here's the deal. You have to post the 4th photo from the 4th folder on your computer.

Here's where you learn that I hyper-organize the files and photos on my computer. My pictures are saved in folders by year (only back to 2007 because I backed up and removed everything older), with subfolders for months in the year; except for my portfolio, which has it's own folder and subfolders by medium.

I wasn't sure how to deal with the subfolder issue, so I went with the fourth folder (portfolio) to the fourth subfolder (illustrations) to the fourth image. This is a watercolor I did during my Memphis days for a story Chara wrote while she was in graduate school. It's Chara, in her blue plaid dress, waiting for her wish to end so she can go back to her normal life.

I'm glad I didn't end up posting any scary birth pictures - I tag Chara!

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caitlyn said...

ha! i was really worried that my 4th photo was going to be something awkward too... in which case i was planning a 4th photo fib.

that's so pretty. i've really grown to love watercolor lately. but i haven't made anything quite this impressive.