In Memoriam

Sourdough Starter was born January 21, 2009 and died sometime last week at about 4 weeks of age. The exact cause of death is unknown; however, neglect is suspected.

Sourdough starter was born to organic honey and wild yeast, and fed on whole wheat flour. She was preceded in death by her half sister, a milk based starter. With the help of amateur baker Laura Wilson, Sourdough Starter made 4 dozen waffles, one loaf, and eight rolls. She is survived by two rolls, and one really gross jar now half full of black liquid.

Interment will be in the woods in the backyard, after John gets home.


t sanders said...

This is kind of gross.

Amanda @ www.kiddio.org said...

Has no doubt gone to be with my sourdough starter, which didn't make it nearly as long as yours. What a shame *snif*!

Amanda @ www.kiddio.org / www.housemade.org

Anonymous said...

I feel for you! Jesse attempted a sourdough starter that just made our entire house smell like funky stuff, and then it didn't even work. Here's to all the little yeasty things that never got to meet their full potential.