I was too busy enjoying Christmas this year to think to take many pictures, which I think is really the mark of a good holiday. But here's the few I managed.

Our tree. yep.

We had a big ol' breakfast on Christmas morning after all the excitement.

We had a good time at Mom and Dad's house with all the kids and activity, but since I have no pictures to show for it - here's a snap shot of mom and dad on their way out of town. After packing up the house, they headed for Oklahoma, but stopped for a litte IHOP with us before they left. L had a good time with Gran and Papa and especially liked tickling Papa.

We also had a nice visit with John's family, and we did actually round up the kids for a picture. oh, so sweet. We celebrated Grandpa's birthday with some Burma-Shave style signs along the driveway: "If you ain't heard/ then read the sign/ our dear old dad/ is 59!"

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