Too many ideas

I finally got my invite to Spoonflower (how exciting), but can't decide what to do. So much pressure!

I was toying with the idea of making a cheater quilt like Amy Karol did, and that's what lead to the new background. Mostly I just liked the colors of the squares, but I couldn't really imagine making it into a quilt. I'm also consider making a bunch of patches that can be cut apart to use in other artsy quilts. I'm still thinking on that one, though.

When I was making some new stamps for my etsy shop, I started toying with the idea of a Duck Duck Goose fabric. I think it's kind of fun, but it's exactly the kind of fabric I would never actually use since I usually go for simpler stuff. Man, I wish I'd gone into textile design.

Speaking of textile design, I love Lizzy House. And what great tutorials she has!


Chara said...

I think that idea is ingenious! I am with you, though- what would you do first?

mtnman said...

Your background looks like the NMS placemat from tattfoo.com.