Cooking and Baking

This has already been a week of experimental cooking. Monday, I used my pressure cooker to cook a duck, thanks to Miss Vickie's tips and recipes. I was pretty tense the whole time, but it turned out great. It's pretty cool to take a duck out of the fridge after 3:00 and have it ready to eat by 5:00. I don't think my pot is big enough for a thanksgiving turkey though.

I thought we needed some healthy snacks for L, so Tuesday, I baked pumpkin bread. I also tried out an apple bread that didn't really work out - but it's edible, so I'll probably still try to eat it. The pumpkin bread turned out great though.

I also started some yogurt cheese following another Mother Earth News recipe. This recipe is a really simple idea, although it takes all day. I started it around 2:00, so I'm still working on it this morning (it's just draining now in the cheese cloth in my colander).

This morning I whipped up a little dish of baked oatmeal (the last batch made a 9x12 pan which we ate for a week). I didn't measure anything, but I threw in oatmeal, 1 egg, some milk, maple syrup, and frozen blackberries. I still had to bake it for 30 minutes at 350 (but this time it fit in the toaster oven). It turned out really yummy, though I had to sprinkle a little sugar on to sweeten it up a bit. L was torn, I think. She likes the oatmeal ("oh-mmm" she says), but I think the blackberries weirded her out.

What do you think Josh, does this one look any more appetizing?


Chara said...

I am going to try your baked oatmeal recipe as soon as my kitchen sink is done being hooked up (I cannot currently do dishes in the kitchen and washing them in the bathroom is a little weird, so I'm avoiding it as much as possible). This does look tasty!

mtnman said...

Umm, it's a little better.