Orange Number 20: Shoes

I got this pattern from Craft via Make Art Not Trash, which is full of good upcycling links.

I used Whitney's suggestion and put the rubber side down on the sole, so no slipping. I didn't realize the straps were crooked until I was finished, which is pretty typical of me. I guess it wouldn't be too tough to fix it now, but I'd have to find my seam ripper, and that could take awhile...

I thought these would go on Etsy, but I guess I'm realizing I can't expect to make something well enough to sell the first time I try the pattern. But it was a pretty simple and fun pattern, so I may try it again in the future for Etsy. Though not with the Orange fabric because I'm running out!

We're going on vacation next week, and I thought it would be great to finish this project before we left. I've got the next four orange things cut out already, so it's possible. We'll just have to see how much time (and motivation) I have to sew this week.


Chara said...

These are too cute!

Anonymous said...

I love these shoes! They are unique
and wonderful. Keep up the creative
good work! I enjoy your blog too.
Carol Watson
Jonah's Nana