I like to post pictures of my kitchen because some of my most favorite things are in that room. Plus, I've got this great wrap around window, and, in a small house,windows are key. But I hardly ever show pictures of the other side of the kitchen...

The other end, is a mult-use area - and by multi, I mean MULTI. It includes the pantry, microwave and some dishes; it's also storage for the broom, vacuum, and ironing board; then there's the printer and scanner and our computer software; the litter box; and finally, and most importantly, my studio. We have a tiny house, so we put things where we can.

When mom gave me her old sewing machine table, I had to reorganize to get it all to fit in some kind of orderly way. I tried to make it as accessible as possible, and I realized I've been doing a lot more sewing than painting lately, and the space shows it. Anyway, I'm pleased with my little corner.

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Anonymous said...

I like your little corner. It looks good.

You did a good job organizing a small space.