25 Crafties from Orange Thermal Curtains

It all started with this orange vase of my grandmother's. It sits on top of our chiffarobe in our bed room which has light green walls, and lots of white furniture. We also have this lovely photograph from Gerald Fulkerson, of an orange flower. So I was convinced I needed to bring out some orange details in our bedroom.

When I saw these curtains, I thought I'd found the perfect orange accent.

Unfortunately, orange curtains make orange light, and orange light on green walls is yucky. Bummer.

So now I have these curtains, which I adore - what else can I do? I'm going to cut them up and make as many things out of them as I can. 25 things actually - at least that's the goal. I'll post my progress as I go, and, since a girl only needs so much orange, some of the little orange crafties will probably end up on Etsy. Orange you glad?


Anonymous said...

That's a gorgeous fabric. I want to pet it.

Chara said...

Was there lining on the back? Maybe they wouldn't makes so much orange light?

Did you think about throw pillows for the bed? That would get the color minus the light!

Laura said...

it has a rubber backing, but still makes an orange glow. it's dark and yucky.