I've been working hard to get a nice look for my etsy merchandise, and I think some of these ideas have been kind of fun. Here's a look at what I do:

I tie a ribbon around every item. I slide a tag onto the item using a tiny safety pin. Some of my tags have printed logos on them, and others are just plain cardstock with one of my homemade stamps. Then I wrap it all up in tissue paper.

Next, I sew up an envelope, from a paper grocery sack, apply a few stamps, and voila! I'm new to stamping, so I keep getting them crooked or smudgy. Who knew stamps were so tricky?

And, hey, Audrey - you can carve a stamp using lino cutters on a block of rubber, or even a good rubber eraser. You can buy a little kit that comes with all the supplies for pretty cheap at most craft stores.

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