I'm having so much fun on Etsy.

Etsy emphasizes packaging. They tell you to make your package feel like a present. John printed some stickers for me that I usually put on my packages, but I'm starting to run out. So I thought I would try something new. I almost bought a set of stamps from this great stamp shop on etsy, but then I did that thing I always do, and decided I could just make them myself (sometimes this is a bad habit, because honestly, who has time to do everything, but sometimes it turns out well).

So, here are my little stamps. I'm not very happy with the bird house, but I think the lettering turned out super! I have a big block of stamp rubber left, so I'm hoping to make more. Some little things, maybe a chicken, cat, or houseplant; some product specific things, like a baby sling; and some words, "thanks," "handmade", and "for you."

Any other ideas?

Also, I traded in my sewing machine for this new one. It has a couple of cool features, like a button holer. But most excitingly, it has the hinges on the back, so I can attach it to my mom's old sewing cabinet - which I love. I'm very excited about this.

I tried making some more flip dolls for etsy, as Annaleise and Jennifer suggested. I had a really great idea for them. BUT, I'm having trouble figuring out how to assemble them. I hand stitched the part that flips onto L's doll, and I think it should be all machine sewed for stability. I can't quite figure it out yet, so I'm going to stew on it, and move on to other things.

So, I'm working on a new project, which you can see snippets of here. I think it's going to turn out well, and may also end up on etsy. I'll share it when it's finished.


Anonymous said...

Cuteness! You should make stamps of you, John, and Louise. Not for your packaging though. That's just asking to get stalked. =P

Audrey said...

How does one make stamps? I've been looking for some custom stamps, but it'd be way cool to make some.