I'm trying to stay productive so I don't got crazy while I sit around and wait for the baby to come. So the last few days I've been painting a bit. I put the watercolors away awhile ago and I can't quite remember why. But I've been really enjoying them lately - they are easy to do in the living room floor, and they help me be patient because of all the layering. Anyway, here's what I've been doing:

I wanted to do a painting for the baby, something we could point at and say, "duck. Duck." So that's where the first no good still life came from.

After the first one, I remembered how much I like painting objects on our coffee table (it has a nice glass top, so you get great shadows and reflections), so I set this one up next. I love this little fitonia plant we got earlier this year because it droops so noticeably when it needs water, and then perks right up after you water it. The little bird in the plant is a hollow ceramic thing with a porous cone on the bottom that slowly waters the plant for you (do these things have a name?). John got it for my birthday because I just love old ceramic things.


Anonymous said...

Hey, we used to have a plant like that! I loved it! So did the cats. =(

I like the top painting. You used to paint a lot of still lifes of householdy things, and now that you've got a baby on the way there's a duck among the householdy goodness. It makes me smile.

Brittany said...

hey I really love your work. I had never seen a lot of it till I went to your website.

Can't wait to see the baby!