I got a pumpkin for us for Halloween, and (I think this was Sunday afternoon) Laura felt well enough to carve it. We roasted the seeds with some wershteshier sauce (that's how it's spelled in my mind) and butter.

For Halloween we bought some candy, just in case some kids came by. We placed the lit pumpkin precariously atop a bale of hay on our front porch as a beacon to any candy-searching youngster and their suv-driving parents who happened to be tearing past our house at 79 miles an hour, which is the usual means of travel round these parts. But nobody came. Gary, our pumpkin, was noticeably saddened.

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Chara said...

We live in a neighborhood and only had 3 trick or treaters... I bought way too much candy.

Mom forgot her doorbell didn't work and she didn't realize that she had a ton of trick-or-treaters who were walking away.