Green Eggs

Thursday night I was up late, and at one point I went outside and I could hear the chickens squawking in the woods, which usually means something's out there. I ran out to the woods to see what was up, only to realize that it was night and I couldn't see anything. I went back for the flashlight to find the chickens pacing around the coop, anxious and nervous. But I didn't see anything. I trained the flashlight all around the coop and under the hen house, and then I heard a snap on the other side of the pen. It took me a while, but eventually I started pointing the flashlight in the trees, and that's when I found a large possum about 12 feet up a tree next to the pen.

Laura won't let me have a gun in the house, so that's when I went back for the baseball bat.

It took two throws, but then I connected. The next day I went out to check on the chickens, and that's when I discovered that our second hen, "Penny," had just started to lay eggs. And they're green.

Really the two stories aren't related, except that for the briefest of moments, when I first saw the green egg, this thought went through my mind: "Maybe the it's the possum's."


Chara said...

So was the opossum trying to eat the chickens? Do opossums eat chickens?

Well, Congrats to Henny Penny!

Anonymous said...

At the very least they like to hang around in trees and frighten them. They would probably eat an egg, if given the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Aren't they beautiful.
Thanks for posting.


Anonymous said...

They look greener in real life than they do in this picture.

Anonymous said...

I remember we had a possum around our house at one place we lived. I went out there with a golf club ready to do some bizness, but then I couldn't bring myself to do it.

You cold-hearted GPS*!!

(*reference to funny commercial which you may or may not have seen)

Anonymous said...

PS, this is your sis.

Anonymous said...

I know my sis when I hear her.

The spelling of bizness did throw me, however.

I have not seen the GPS commercial.

Anonymous said...

I just love the little "butt sweaters". They are too cute! When I think of the sweaters that I unintentionally shrank over the years.
You have a heartwarming blog; it's like sitting in front of a friendly fire and drinking cocoa.
Keep it coming!
:-) Shirley