Painting Report

I'm already getting confused with all the waiting, so this morning I put together a chart of when I did what and how long I have to wait to do the next thing.

I now have three paintings with the drawing transferred and the imprimatura completed.

I have about five more weeks before I can begin the next layer on any of them.

but (have I mentioned this?) I decided I didn't like the fourth composition and decided to go with a different one. Another Goya rip off - but with some changes. I needed a lot more people for this composition, so we snuck some images at church Sunday night when no one was looking, unfortunately that meant that they weren't very well composed, but i'm playing with the images trying to fit the people together the way I want. at least the light is the same on all of them.

My goal for spring break (next week!) is to finish drawing that one and transfer it to the canvas and do the imprimatura. Also, I'd like to do watercolors of the three images I haven't done yet.

So maybe I'll have some images to post after spring break.

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