Back to Work

Well, spring break was a little bit of a disappointment, but we tried to make the best of it. The weather was cold all week, getting into the 20's every night, so we didn't get to go hiking or camping. Later in the week, John heroically tilled the garden and I planted a few more strawberries. But otherwise, I didn't spend much time outside, as hoped. I did get some work done on my paintings and three new canvases stretched, and I worked a little on a quilt I cut out a while ago.

However, we instituted "FunDay" on Thursday, to make up for our lack of intended fun in the earlier part of the week. So, on funday, we went rollerskating, yes, rollerskating! We went during the little kid time, so we were the only people over twelve who weren't chaperones, which was probably appropriate since we were both a little rusty. After rollerskating, we went to Cici's for all-you-can-eat pizza, which is also fun. And then we went shopping at the mall - something we rarely ever do. Fun day was supposed to extend late into the evening: we were going to go here Jeremy play some of his new music some place in Jackson. Unfortunately, we hadn't anticipated how exhausting funday would be - so we ended up crashing by nine.

My sisters and neice came to town for the weekend, which was exciting, until I got food poisoning from El Ranchito's and spent the weekend in bed.

But, now we are back at work, ready to wrap up the semester. (Yes, I realize we still have six weeks left).

In other news, the fourth season of Northern Exposure is released on DVD, and John and I are anxiously awaiting ours in the mail.


kate said...

You're planting already? I was thinking of going ahead and planting the beans, but then it got cold, and I was glad I hadn't. Apparently those guidelines on the back of seed packages are there for a reason. . . .

Laura said...

We're only planting starter plants. The strawberries we got are very small and John is doing a bunch of vegetables from seed.

We are trying to start earlier this year though so we make the most of the summer.

Chara said...

I hope your classes go well- don't worry about them being mad- I am personally appaled at their behavior.

I hope Josh and I can come visit you guys sometime this summer- we could go hiking or lay around in the su or something