Snow Day: Snowfall Chart Printable

We were supposed to get 5-7 inches of snow. We stacked our firewood, bought the kids' long-johns for playing in the snow, and I stayed up late the night before making a snow measurement chart. Yes, of course, snow like this is a learning opportunity, I thought.

And we got 1.4 inches. Boo.

But at least I have an accurate measurement!

We learned how to measure snowfall here. And measured several times throughout the day as the snow continued to fall. We lost interest when our last measurement didn't change. But, the nice thing about printables is that you can use them again! Here's hoping for another snow day! Grab the printable pdf here.

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Martha said...

I agree...they predicted more snow for us, too. We got maybe an inch. I ♥ snow. Hopefully we'll get more!