Printable Thanksgiving Cards

I first made these cards several years ago, when I was having a little fun drawing Thanksgiving foods. Recently, our family has been thinking about giving thanks quite a lot. When I put together this study unit during the summer, I spent some time making new thank you cards, and so I also updated these. 

The pdf now includes a pretty full color version, as well as line drawings if you or your kids want to color your own turkey.  You can print just the illustrations with blank inside, or print them front and back with the fill in the blank text for children who may appreciate writing prompts (as mine do). The inside says: "I am thankful for you because_____." These make them a little fun for kids without being as much work as making a whole card from nothing. I print them on heavy weight paper or cardstock so they are just right for dropping in the mail

With all the updates, these have been moved to my shop for a small fee. Find them in the printable cards section.  We'll be keeping our eyes wide open, focusing on thanksgiving this month. I'm thankful for all of you, friends!

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