Spoonflower Easter Basket cover

A quick break from the blog hop to show a bit of sewing I've been up to this week. Although, my projects seem to involve less sewing and more drawing these days. :)

In our church, we bring baskets of food to church to bless for Easter (or Pascha). I didn't finish my basket cover in time - in fact, my spoonflower package arrived on Bright Monday! But, I took red eggs to a gathering on Wednesday, so I decided to hem up the cloth and take it then.

I printed it on a fat quarter of cotton voile, although tea towels are usually printed on their linen-cotton canvas. I thought the cotton voile felt more like a handkerchief, and being a bit fancier, I'd be less likely to use it for dish washing and save it for Pascha. I'm very pleased with how it turned out! The print is available now on Spoonflower.

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Martha said...

That's really nice! ♥ Thanks for sharing on Spoonflower. I was going to make one this year, embroider a bit, but just used one of my nicer kitchen towels again to cover our basket.