Color Robot: A Comic for you

L had a brilliant idea while traveling in the car the other day. She pretended to be a robot. A hungry robot. At first she asked for a nail slushie, but then she began eating all of the colors she saw out the window. And so the idea of a color-eating robot was born. The girl's got a one track mind, and immediately upon returning home she began work on her color-eating robot comic. We used How to Make a Comic from our art week as a guide again.

She drew all of the pictures and developed the story herself. We spent some time together figuring out how to do the important facial expressions, and I would occasionally have her rethink how she was drawing something or prompt her with questions like, "do you think you should draw this tree the same way you drew it before?" Sometimes she rejected my comments, but she was up for the challenge. After drawing it, I did the ink for her again and scanned it. Then we were able to print a few copies for her to color. She made one with crayon, and is still working on a watercolor version. 
I cautiously asked if she minded if I colored a copy on the computer, too. I was thrilled that she said yes! She really likes collaborating, and I took her feedback on colors as well. She also insisted on including me on the title page.
This is my finished copy. I scaled it down to fit on one sheet of legal paper. L also really wanted to print lots of copies and give them to everyone.  I was a little thrilled at the zine potential. We haven't actually printed any copies yet, but I could see this being folded and mailed to friends. :)

This pic is full scale, 300 dpi. Print and share the love!

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