Spoonflower swatches: Girls and Dinosaurs, and Cheater quilts

A few spoonflower posts coming up...

I made this collection of prints of girls with dinosaurs sometime a year or two ago, when my girls were really into dinosaurs. Somehow I never got around to sharing them here - or using the prints in a quilt as I intended. I still really enjoy them, so maybe they'll come back around.

I also printed a few versions of my flower garden cheater print.

I have since edited the colors of the multi-color print to match some of my fiesta and house colors. I still really really really really love these. I was disappointed when I realized I couldn't make a twin blanket without a giant seam in the middle, and so I gave up. But maybe I'll have to make a throw for myself, eh? Dang, why am I not doing that right now? [wandering off...]

Flower Garden Cheater

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