Last Minute Stocking Stuffers [Made By Joel]

I discovered Made By Joel last week, and I absolutely love everything about him. His designs are simple, but oh-so lovely and creative. Explore his site and be sure to check out his crafts by age.

I stapled together the Thaumatrope, Tumble Bunnies, and Paper Woodpecker Toys, with Straw, Skewer, and two marbles in a bag. Several projects are printed two per page, so I cut them apart first. 

I printed a few of his projects (Paper Woodpecker, Bird Thaumatrope, and Tumble Bunnies) onto cardstock for stocking stuffers for my kids and my nieces and nephew. Then I assembled them into kits, with the other materials needed to make the projects. That way, the kids can help make them later - double fun! I should have added instructions to the kits, but didn't get to it - maybe we'll do it together at Christmas - otherwise, hey sis, check out the links above!

As I was assembling the kits, I realized two of the kids in our family were really too young to be given [ahem] marbles and skewers in their stockings, so I just assembled the thaumatropes using plastic straws for the little ones. Whew, that was a close one. His coloring pages are great for little ones, too.

For the cousins: Tumble Bunnies and Thaumatropes, with two marbles and a skewer in a bag. The assembled Thaumatropes with plastic straws for the little ones.

Below is a playlist of several Made by Joel youtube videos. He definitely wins for best use of a pop-up puppet ever! Enjoy!


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Jeanine said...

Awesome! I never saw these yet! We love Made by Joel .com! He's such an inspirational creative drawer & dad :D Thanks for bringing these to my attention! They're perfect for summer months too.