A Litte More Spoonflower, Wall Paper, and a Whole Lot of Wood

I've been playing on spoonflower again. Oh, I love it there. I just discovered the wall paper feature, and just fell in love with my cheater print as a wall paper design.

Of course, my walls are all made of wooden planks (not to mention I don't know how to put up wall paper, and that's a lot of color for a wall, yo) - but I've been enjoying looking anyway. I thought maybe I could just do wall paper on one side of my kitchen island? Hmm... something to think about.

Or okay, something to design a print for... How's this?


I put this together using some of my favorite fiesta colors. With my woodsy house, I like folk-y designs. I could print matching fabric to use for the curtain in my pantry, too! Or is that too matchy-matchy?

My designs for my house are here, and my cheater prints are here. I saw that one of their upcoming contests is for cheater quilt blocks with a floral design and a limited palette. I edited my flower garden cheater to use their palette, because I just can't resist a contest. 

flower garden quilt cheater - color palette for contest

And I've been meaning to beg for help from all of you clever crafty folks about my interior design. We have beautiful wood walls... and wood ceilings, and wood floors. It's a lot of wood, folks. I need some color, and some light. But I'm afraid to paint anything - because its beautiful wood. So to recap: its beautiful, but there's too much. 

Here's the one wall I've painted:

 I was disappointed that my pretty staircase had a big ugly vent. I felt pretty confident that if I painted this bit of wall white, the vent wouldn't stand out so much, and the white would make the wood around it prettier. It also reflects some light from the windows to brighten up the kitchen a bit. I feel good about this.

The rest of the walls in the main room are super tall. And even in the smaller rooms, once you paint it you can never go back. So basically, I'm chicken.

What do you think friends? Paint a smaller room or two? Put some giant white paintings on the wall? Help a girl out. 

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Anonymous said...

I would paint it white. It looks friendly. For me it would be too much wood.

Greetings from Germany