Coffee First

I may have waxed philosophical about doing the dishes before, but lately I've been struggling to keep up. I snapped a photo one morning, seeing my pile of dishes. And then tonight I procrastinated doing the dishes even longer by playing with this photo.

It's just silliness, folks. No wise words, just trying to avoid dishes.

Ah, but, maybe I should stop avoiding and try being "present" with my dishes again? Or maybe I'll just be present with my coffee a little longer.

What are you avoiding? What keeps you going?


Martha said...

After dinner, I often like to read, wait until morning to do the dishes. ♥ I'm a tea drinker in the mornings. HOW did you do that, the color mug and everything else is black and white??!

Michelle M. said...

I am totally avoiding the dishes in the sink as well. I've been fighting a bad cold for a week now and have managed to keep the house (downstairs) decently straight and clean, but the kitchen sink needs help. I know I'll have to get to it this afternoon, but I also have to force myself to rest because when I don't, my early pregnancy symptoms (I won't elaborate) come back and then I'm miserable. Rest is the key for me right now. But... that kitchen sink does need to be taken care of because we're about to run out of bowls!

Laura said...

We seem to run out of spoons first!

That definitely sounds like a good reason to take it easy, Michelle - chore avoiding gold!

Martha - I always put it off until morning, or sometimes the next morning... It's just fun with photoshop.