Flip Dolls and Other Toys that Zip, Stack, Hide, Grab and Go [and printable templates]

My book will be officially released next Tuesday, August 6! (Although some eager friends pre-ordered through Amazon and got their copies weeks ago.) Click on the book image to find it on Amazon. Some fun reviews are trickling in from around the craft scene. I love hearing how others are responding to my toys and illustrations, but I especially love seeing the toys being made from the book! I'll keep up a list of reviews here.

I'm also really glad to share the full size templates available for printing so that you don't have to worry with enlarging. You can find the pdf here.

Below are some of my photos of the actual book - laid out beautifully and full of my favorite colors. I've added a few comments about some of my favorite details.
my toy illustrations on the endpaper - I love it!

This alter-ego may look like Clark Kent, but he's really inspired by John: Super Librarian.

I love the beautiful layout by the design team. I was squealing with delight when I first saw the lovely fonts and color, and oh, the lightning bolts!

These little birdies are probably my favorite toy, and the photographs are so lovely!

I did the illustrations throughout the book, which was great fun!

Both the photographer and design team had a great sense of color and storytelling with these serial photo layouts. 

The Show and Tell chapter is full of my favorite toys: the Bright Ideas Computer, the Plucky Ukulele, and the Perching Birds.

The Knotty Frog was fun silliness to make. 

The Flip and Turn chapter has 8 flip doll patterns, plus instructions to customize the pattern to make your own characters. 


Polly Jones said...

Laura, wow!!!! This looks amazing. I love these unique and creative projects. So proud of you!

madhu said...

What a wonderful work you have done laura.I liked it so much.

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