A Successful Scrap Quilt

I've been wanting to make a quilt for our bed for a long time. I considered making a cool tree quilt like this one, or this beauty from purl bee. The colors in this triangle quilt have me swooning. Okay, check out my quilt board already. 

But ultimately, I decided to go with the less expensive, less time consuming scrap quilt. Let's face it, I have a hard time finishing big projects like this, so I thought I'd make it easy on myself and just do squares. I did end up piecing a few squares, so that I could include some fabric scraps - but mostly its just 8" squares. 

As I was assembling it, I questioned my scrappy choice because it just wasn't as pretty as some of those others. I could have at least limited my color palette... But then John and the girls came in and started pointing out the fabrics they recognized and telling me which ones they liked best. That's what this kind of quilt is all about, right? Lots of memories. 

Puppy likes it. And about two minutes later, everyone else was snuggled in, too. So, yeah, that seems like a success. What do you think makes a good quilt?

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Jennifer said...

Looks great! It's nice to use up extra fabric and to look and the quilt and say, "oh, yeah I remember that fabric from X project!" Enjoy your quilt!