Sewing Flip Dolls and Crocodiles


 Since I got the advanced copy of my book, I've been doing a bit of sewing. How handy to be able to read the directions from a book, so beautifully laid out - rather than trying to remember, "how did I do that?" or "where did I write that down?" I hadn't actually realized that I would use my book, since they are my patterns - but it turns out its pretty handy. :)

almost as long as the couch
In fact, I would have forgotten the rick rack on this Smiling Crocodile if I hadn't checked the book! Our crocodiles keep finding new homes - so for a long time, I've been wanting to make a really big crocodile to stay in our loft. Our loft is sort of our play room/school room - so it seems like we need lounging pillows. When I saw this lovely green fleece on the remnant rack, I grabbed a giant 28" red zipper and big buttons and set to work. I ended up enlarging the pattern to 425% to make this pillow! The 28" zipper would work if the pattern had been 500%, I think, but this was as big as my fabric would allow.
two bags of stuffing

I've been making some superhero flip dolls, too - and I'm enjoying playing with color combinations. I seem to be more creative with the girls than the boys though. I just always think of the boy as John (super-librarian) and end up using the same colors.

If anyone is interested in an explanation of how to enlarge a pattern 400% (I think I used 20 sheets of paper!), let me know and I'll draw up a quick tut.

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t sanders said...

Maybe you need to make nurse Tara. With a red cross on her super hero side. I wear blue scrubs. ;)

Or you could do Ruthie on one side and Tara on the other. She's brown. ;)