Wendy Wilson and Dog Toys

We got a new puppy this past fall. She is quickly finding her place here, as if she was always meant to be. I'm not exactly a dog person - I've had to learn how to train here. But I'm glad I did.

She is all puppy now, and chews on everything she can get her teeth on, including the bucket full of stuffed animals the girls have. So I decided to make her a quick stuffed toy or two. I made it from two layers of sturdy canvas, hoping it would last a little while. I just folded it over and zig zagged around the edges. Plus, I tucked a treat inside the stuffing, hoping she'd smell it and go for this toy over the kids' animals.

So far, she hasn't broken through it yet to get the treat - which I'm actually kind of surprised about. Maybe one layer of canvas was enough? I don't know how long the treat inside will stay good, so I was hoping she'd tear into it in just a few days. We'll see.  

How can you say know to that face? Anybody know how long the chewy puppy stage lasts?

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Martha said...

just have to say that first picture, with your yellow door the blue shoe and the red sweater on your dog is SO artistic...I ♥ primary colours!