Fall Fantastic

Isn't fall wonderful? Our life has been quite idyllic the last few weeks. The trees turned a million shades of beautiful, the weather turned perfect, and we've spent all of our evenings around a campfire for at least a week. John rigged up a grill over the fire so we could cook corn on the cob. Oh dear, it was heaven.

The girls are loving being outside with the chickens and the fire and the leaves. We don't have quite the array of colors in the photo anymore, but we had such fun making our leaf rainbow and identifying the trees they came from.

We're still settling in, but maybe we always will be. This past weekend we put in our brick sidewalk and introduced the chickens to life outside the pen.

I hope your fall is magical, too!


Anonymous said...

We are getting some small amount of magic here in Houston, sadly to say because of the Hurricane going up the East Coast, all our usual heat and humidity has followed in its wake and we are treated to a handful of days of crisp, cool, dry. They will soon pass.

Laura said...

Yes, our quiet life here is still rather disconnected, and I forget what the rest of the world is going through. I haven't seen much of the news from the hurricane, but am still getting updates from friends on the coast. Its certainly not idyllic everywhere.