Floating, Cheaters, and Tea Towels

I posted last year about the tea towels I was printing at Spoonflower. I only thought to snap a picture of them today, after a year of use. I also gave away some, so I only have two of the colors. But here they are, stains and wrinkles and all. I'm not usually a navy person, but I love how this blue has aged with much much use. I'm thinking of printing some new ones in gray...

I've been jamming our boxes in my studio so that our house doesn't get too crazy before the move. So I can't paint or sew now, which has lead me to fiddling around with Illustrator, imagining muted color schemes for my new house that I can only now see on Spoonflower.

I meant to make a cheater quilt for the girls using a flower garden pattern. I love flower garden quilts, but I would never have the patience to make one (much less two). So I put this cheater print together and my mom graciously offered to sew the girls' blankets. Unfortunately, I realized the fabric width won't work for a twin size blanket, and so my lovely cheater design is just floating around in digital land.
Flower Garden Cheater

That is very much how I feel these days.


My book is in the editing phase (!) - which is wonderful. My house is so close to being done, also wonderful. All of my sewing projects are on hold, as is our homeschooling, until we get settled in the move. We are suspended, waiting for our feet to hit the ground again.

In the meantime, I'm keeping myself entertained with A Google A Day (come play with me!), and google image searches to try to figure out what this flower is. My flower books are packed away, and I can't find a match for this pretty yellow flower growing in our driveway. Any ideas?

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