CSA and Greens

This is our first year to participate in a CSA with Rose Creek Village. I love buying local, and even more I love buying food from a family who grew food with their own hands. It's been a really exciting experience so far. They send us an email each week, telling us what we'll be getting and with some recipe ideas, and keeping us up to date on how the crops are doing.

My biggest worry was whether we'd be able to eat all the produce each week - especially with all the greens. We like salad, but John and I both tend to be wary of cooked greens. I have to admit, despite all the kale love floating around in recent years, I still hadn't tried it. I eat spinach - isn't that enough? Nevertheless, we found some recipes, and I'm totally digging both kale and swiss chard.

Swiss Chard with Garbanzo beans and fresh tomatoes
I'm loving comparing tomatoes and trying new things. In our third week, we've already tried about 6 new recipes. It would be a safe guess that I'll have lots of veggie recipes this summer. 

Non-photographers, such as myself, should really avoid taking pictures of certain types of foods - it's not doing anyone any good. So use your imagination for this one: this White Bean Soup with Kale (and bratwurst from our CSA) has been my favorite new recipe thus far.


Spangled said...

Have you tried kale chips? They're a good salty-crispy snack. They taste a little bit more vegtable-y than regular potato chips, but not in a bad way. I really like them with some pepper on them too.

Here's a good starter recipe:

Martha said...

Beautiful...you're a great photographer, so much natural light in your photos!!! Mmmm...making me hungry!

Anonymous said...

I'm by no means a pro, but my trick for taking pics of chunky soup is to take pictures of spoonfuls of it. :)