School Resources

I've been saving up these links, but I'm so behind in school I haven't gotten around to using most of them.  I thought I'd go ahead and post these great pre-school school ideas here, so you (and I) can find these links. Sometimes I get bogged down thinking I could make all this stuff myself.  And maybe I could, but that's not really the point - I don't have too!

One page printable Itty Bitty books to help kids learn colors. I keep forgetting that my little one has to start at the beginning too...

Great lapbook activities based on Eric Carle's Brown Bear. (We actually put this together!)
More Tot books by the same blogger. 

Mini Mural Sets and Masterpiece coloring books, that I love love. I can't resist introducing kids to famous painters.

Sequence cards for math readiness.  There are tons of these - which is great.  It may seem like the same exercise over and over, but the kids still love doing it.

Birds nest helpers - such a cute springtime activity.  Gotta get my act together to do this...

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