Paying Attention

I struggle with knowing how to teach good behavior when the kids are in a public place or somewhere that requires them to be still and quiet for very long. It's far too easy to focus on the behavior with rewards or punishments, which doesn't really seem very effective. Being still and quiet is good for them [some times], but like most things, they need to be taught how.

Lately, I've been reading some Montessori style books and thinking about training the girls in a different way. Recently we had a tea party where we were all on our very best behavior. It was a little over the top (Would you like some tea, miss? Why yes, thank you, madam.), but it gave them the opportunity to practice self-control. To speak slowly and deliberately, and to take turns. I was surprised by how well-behaved they were!

We also finished our tea party by listening to a Sparkle Story. These well crafted stories are so engaging - please do check them out! There is a significant difference in effort in listening to a story compared to watching a movie. The girls had to be quiet enough to hear the words, and you can just see their little minds at work picturing the story.

We also have been experiment with the silence game, and learning to pay attention, like Poppleton in Spring. We've only begun these experiments, but I can see that they are already responding. I'll be sure to keep you updated on any developments. :)


Sally said...

We are working on the very same things here. Thanks for planting the role play seed in my mind.

t sanders said...

Next is underwater tea parties!!