Perhaps you know I have a special love of house plants, and hope to someday have my grandmothers' green thumbs.  I enjoy tending to them and watching them so much more than I do my vegetable garden (unfortunately for my vegetables).  I think its because they're impractical and needy, but also delicate and beautiful.

 I bought this "Christmas" Cactus last year thinking it would be nice to have blooms in the winter.  I learned that my cactus is actually a Thanksgiving cactus, however; and the name changing is just a bit of tricky marketing.  Nevertheless, I brought it indoors when the temperatures dropped, and I was delighted to find it covered in white buds a few days later.

There is certainly something hopeful about a flower that blooms in the low cold months.  It is a reminder of the joy of spring and what will be.  But it is also the presence of the joy that is.

Yesterday, a few buds opened revealing their breathtaking flowers.  These lovely blooms will last through Christmas, a blessing for which I am very thankful.

With a Flower

I hide myself within my flower,
That wearing on your breast,
You, unsuspecting, wear me too --
And angels know the rest.
I hide myself within my flower,
That, fading from your vase,
You, unsuspecting, feel for me
Almost a loneliness.
 - Emily Dickinson
What's your favorite winter houseplant?

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