December Sale

I'm a little late on the holiday shopping madness, but I'm having a little sale in my shop, too. No need to push or shove. It's a nice, calm sale - which is about all that I can handle these days. For the whole month of December:

Free Shipping on all of my Plush Toys and Zipper Mouth Pillows.  I made a whole bunch of the crocodiles, and I have more Crocodiles and Bears cut and ready to assemble - but then I realized I don't really have the space to store them!  Oops.

Check out the SALE section for discounts when you buy two or more patterns or coloring books.

And because I love you guys so much, and I'm so genuinely grateful for your support and feedback on my designs -  I've added an extra 20% off code for anything in the shop. Plug in "WETHANKYOU" during checkout to get the discount.

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