Slow Week

We've had some fun preschool projects I plan to share, and I'm getting a bit of sewing done.  But mostly, I'm having a case of the falls: overwhelmed a little by the fall schedule and all the projects going on, enjoying cooler temperatures and visiting with friends, admiring how much the kids are growing.  J's curly hair finally got long enough for a ponytail, and I'm just dying at the cuteness of it.   

My list of big projects is growing ever longer.  Still, I wish I had some small stress-free projects to do - which probably makes me a little nuts.  I'm browsing pumpkin ideas on Pinterest.  Of course, my favorite is from Martha Stewart.

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Jenny Crill said...

Laura, check out this website. It looked like it had some cute/easy fall projects. I'm going to do the fall leaf suncatcher and the pumpkin with my girls.