Doughnuts, gob style

I've been experimenting with the Artisan Bread in 5 minutes A Day book all summer.  The texture of the bread, and the rise all work out so beautifully.  I still seem to be struggling a bit with getting the same yeasty flavor, but I'm persevering because this method is so so practical.

I was reading my old Beard on Bread the other day looking for a doughnut recipe because my kids are really into doughnuts right now.  I noticed the recipe for Dough Gobs, which is essentially fried bread dough.  He says traditionally mothers would take a bit of the dough they had left to rise over night, fry it and serve it with maple syrup for breakfast.  I love the old-timey practicality of this and though it would work nicely with the 5 Minutes dough made from their master recipe that I already had in the refrigerator. 

These are half wheat and rolled in powdered sugar.  I fried mine in coconut oil, partially because I love the sweet flavor of it, and partially to make myself not feel so bad about serving my kids fried bread for breakfast.  I thought they turned out excellent, and went nicely with strawberries.  I see lots of serving variations in my future (cinnammon, chocolate, raspberry sauce?)   Plus, I like that I can serve them to my vegan friends, too, because they're nice to have around.

Hmm, I think I'm going to go make some now...

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Anonymous said...

How quickly are you using your dough after you make it? You get a lot more flavorful loaf if you let it sit in the fridge for a few days. Another little trick I love to do is to use whey instead of water, if I'm making bread and cheese around the same time. :)