There are 7 Days, There are 7 Days...

..There are 7 days in a week.
Sunday, Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

I've been meaning to make something like this for awhile, but just kept putting it off. Yesterday, when Ouise was talking about Twosday and Foursday, I thought it was time.  So we're using this chart and learning the little 7 days a week song (to the tune of "Oh, My Darling") in hopes of also learning that her birthday was not, in fact, yesterday.

I don't have much experience with flannel boards, aside from Sunday school many years ago, so this was all figure it out as you go.  I only found flannel boards when I googled, but I made this felt quilt-y thing that just hangs on the wall.  It seems to work fine, and I was able to put it together with stuff I already have (always a win).

I made little pieces to represent things we do during the week: a book for storytime, a grocery bag for shopping day, a little church for church, a bath tub for bath time... you get the picture.  I'll probably make more pieces as new things come up, or multiples if necessary.  Like fun numbers for upcoming birthdays, holiday symbols, maybe something for the zoo trip we're planning this summer.  The car is supposed to represent the days Daddy goes to work - I'm not sure that's making sense to L though. 

I used felt for both the board and the pieces, and I just cut everything out free hand - which is why all the columns are different sizes and all the shapes are wonky.  I'm cool with that.

 I sewed the little pieces together by hand, although you could use fabric glue (I didn't have any) or the sewing machine (I was watching a movie).  The letters are stitched onto the board, but all of the other pieces just stick on, and can be moved around.  I did iron fusible interfacing to the back, which seems to make them stick much better. You can see the back of the car here.  Because some of the pieces are bulky, it helped to iron each piece individually. 

There's a little pocket on the back for pieces we aren't using.  L wanted to use all the pieces, and did not like the pocket, but I'm hoping that's just because it's new.  She doesn't get the concept of the days of the week yet, but I think this will give her a way to put together all the information we're giving her.   Seems like just a few days of moving the circle will make a big impression.  We'll see.  :)

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Plushpussycat said...

So sweet! What a great learning tool--and fun, too!