Weather Coloring Zine

Ever since I made L a little book last fall to learn the Lord's Prayer, I wanted to make more on all kinds of subjects.  They are so quick and fun to make, and she gets such a kick out of having her own little book.  I made a list of at least 10 books I want to make, things I want her to learn.  They emphasize coloring and letter recognition, but also each will teach her about a new subject and how to recognize it every day.

This little one is about the weather, with cheesy little smiley faces.  She colored each page and we talked about how the weather changes.  This isn't really a new subject, but I wanted her to start paying attention to what the weather is like each day so she'll understand when it's too cold to go out, or why we need to wear rain boots, etc.  The last page has a blank sky and tree so they can draw what they see right now. 

I try not to be too pushy about her color choices, which is hard for me sometimes.  Nevertheless, I thought it was funny that she colored the snow green.  These are so easy to make, I made her a couple of copies, plus one for J (who isn't much into coloring) and another for me. 

I'll be adding these as I make them, and you can find them all by searching the "printables" tag.  You can download this one here.  It's just one black and white page and you can read instructions on how to fold the paper here.

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Jenny said...

what a great idea! thanks for sharing. I like that you included a blank page for today's weather.