Call for Compassionate Crafters

I've been thinking about what I can do to make my Nicholas Crown Project more impactful.  The connections I've made have been such blessings, and I want you to share in that experience.  I've come up with three ways to make this better.  I need you to join me! 
1.  Spread the word.  I caught myself hesitating to share my link, worrying that I might get too many requests.  But this is the opposite of what I'm hoping to learn.  Compassion is a muscle that gets better with use.  I want to share as much joy as possible: Help me spread the word!  Feel free to use any of the pictures in the gallery, and link to the Nicholas Crown Project

2.  Learn about children's ministries.   I also want to share some of the good works I've learned about through those of you who have contacted me.  Several people who have submitted names have introduced me to organizations serving children in very big ways.  Their stories are so moving, and I want to share them with you.  I'd also love to find ways to work together with these organizations.  I'll be posting about some of these groups in the next few weeks. 

3.  Join me!  For me, the most amazing part is the way that people are letting me be a part of their lives, their struggles, and their healing.  I want to share that opportunity with you!  I promised some friends and family that if I got overwhelmed, I'd send out a call for help.  But now I realize that with more people we can reach more children, and more of you get to exercise your compassion muscles. 

So you want to help make crowns?  Here's what you can do:
  1. make crowns. 
  2. email me at wilsonlauralynn {at} gmail {dot} com for my mailing address.
  3. send me crowns. 
I'll photograph your crowns and add them to the gallery.  And as I receive requests, I'll send the crowns.   I'll also create a linky list of compassionate crafters as my way of thanks. You don't have to use my tutorial, the only thing I ask is that you make each crown unique as a way to remember each child is unique.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas.  This is a work in progress - so help me progress!

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Chase Clark said...

I think this is a wonderfully sweet project! I will keep it on the burner for when I am done with my current crafty challenge. You are so awesome to do this for those kids!