A Request and Other Things

1.  When I was making crowns last weekend, L asked, "are those for me?"  I told her "No, they are for other kids who don't already have a crown."  She's reminded me of this several times.  The bugger thing is that it sounds so charitable.  They're for my shop.  Not charitable.

But then I thought maybe there really are some kids out there who have a extra special need for a crown.  Maybe a kid who really needs to feel special.  Do you know a child like this?  I get that this is a weird request.  But if you know someone, L and I would love to share a crown with them.  Send me an email and we'll work out a way to get it to them. 

2.  I usually do some kind of handmade valentine for John, but I haven't got any ideas yet this year.  I'm loving this from fabric card with change-able button on messages from Sew Mama Sew.

3.   I've added an "About" page to the sidebar, with some faq's for the blog.  It's pretty standard.


Angi B said...

This little girl with Down Syndrome is now fighting a battle against cancer. I do not know them personally (my son has ds too and I follow their blog) but you can get into contact with her through her blog. :) FUN idea!


Julie said...

Hi Laura,
You know where my heart is...and well, this little girl was in the same orphanage as Esther, she's a little older, came home a little later and may not have long to live. She and her Mama's day might be brightened by a little crown :-)

If you want me to contact her about an address I'll be happy to.

t sanders said...

You should contact St Jude.

Laura said...

Thank you, guys! You're an inspiration!