Sewing, sewing

I've been sewing like crazy cakes lately.  I got some new wool stuffing and cotton batting, and I can't believe how awesome it feels.  Somehow, I've been much more productive than usual, and boy, is that fun!  Our new local Arts Commission is having an Arts event at the end of the month, and I really want to participate - because, seriously, isn't it great we have a new local Arts Commission?

So, I'm sewing and sewing. I've got a growing basket of turtles, flying pigs, a giraffe, crocodiles and sharks (yes, sharks!), turnover dolls (ooh, that's new, too), some old fiber art, and a few flip dolls.  Also, I'm finishing up a custom George and the Dragon flip doll, an Alchemy request, and working on a submission to the Renaissance Regional Art Exhibit, which was the inspiration for the turn over dolls.

So I need to show you these new Turn Over Dolls - at least that's what I'm calling them.   One set is a bunny on one side, and a duck on the other. The other design is a cat and fish.  Cool?

And check out my shark.  Yes, it's basically the Smile Crocodile pattern, but in a shark shape. I'll be adding the pattern to the shop as Hungry Shark, unless you guys have a better name?

I had a bit of housekeeping to do, to get legal with the new CPSIA.  If you don't know, all items intended for children now have to be tested for lead and labeled with the makers information.   Items made of fabric and natural materials are exempt from lead testing - thank goodness.  My crocodiles and sharks are made with zippers that I did not test, but the manufacturer did and has a certificate stating there lead free, and yada yada.  It's complicated, and I'm still trying to figure it out, but I'm trying to comply with all the  requirements.  And hey, don't my tags look super cool? 

Have you seen Alchemy on Etsy?  Buyers can describe something they'd like to have made, and then designers make bids for the job.  I've sort of ignored it until now, but now the possibilities for collaborating with interesting folks is totally exciting.  Right now, I'm working on a Plush Walking Stick (Bug) - I mean, what a fun idea, right?

 Whew, that's a lot of pictures for today.  After the Arts in the Alley, I'll be adding all the left over plushes to the shop, so be sure to check in at the end of the month.


Papgena Made It said...

oh! I love the turtles!!
And the shark!
how about name it the 'zip it shark'??!

Anonymous said...

I love the turtles - how cute!

Cassiescuddles said...

Hey, that's a really cute stick insect. You have some great ideas, thanks for sharing.