Arts in the Alley

Arts in the Alley

I had a little table at Arts in the Alley this Thursday.  It was a lot of fun to actually interact with people looking at my toys and show them how they work.  I had a blast, the music and the company was wonderful, and the girls got tattooed and danced a bit, too.  If I can make a bunch more stuff by October, I'll do the Chickasaw Craft Fair. 

I spent a good chunk of today listing all the left-over toys in the shop.  Head over to see - a couple of Owl and Pussycat flip dolls, some sharks and crocodiles, turtles and pigs!


Chara said...

Hey, I saw your bookmarks featured on whip-up! Congrats! I need to give you a call tomorrow to chat. I miss you.

(PS The word verification on this comment is "hippe")

Mandy said...

Looks like fun!! I just love your creations! :)