John and I decided to give sprouting a try after he watched this you tube video:

We've been doing it about two months now, and it's super easy. I'm kind of amazed at how simply adding water to some very cheap lentils, you can triple their volume and their nutritional value, plus grow a fresh and tasty veggie - right on your counter!

Give it a try, but read a little first - sprouts from some beans (like kidney) can be toxic. Eek! All you need is a mason jar and a sprouting lid like the one here. They're pretty inexpensive, but if you don't have a health store around, the shipping is not really worth it. So you can make one following these directions (like we did).

They're great on salads, sandwiches, and - my favorite - burritos!


Chara said...

I HAVE lentils! I'm going to have to try this!

Are there any other things I can use besides lentils?

Julie said...

Fun project, isn't it? The kids aren't too crazy about eating sprouts but maybe after a little time. How do you store yours? And for how long? I felt we had to eat a bunch really really quickly or they would go bad.

Molly Sabourin said...

Laura! I adore your blog! You have so many creative and lovely ideas. I look forward to browsing your etsy store! : )

caitlyn said...

i'm doin' it! i've always loved bean sprouts.

on a different topic:
i told brandon about your "what would pa ingles do" question, and he really liked it. i think we might steal it. (with a modified "we live in town" caveat.)

i was homeschooled and for a year we did a unit study and worked through all of the little house books. i learned how to make butter, and maple candy, and sew etc. i'll always have a soft spot for the ingles!