Hamburger Buns

After my recent experimentation with sandwich bread, I realized I needed a good hamburger bun.   So, I tried Julia Child's french bread recipe made into 12 small round loaves.   Her recipe is definitely different that white bread dough - much wetter, and a little different to knead.  But, whew.  It was awesome.  I mean, awesome. 

When I think of hamburgers, and I spend a plenty of time thinking about burgers, I rarely think about the bread.  But the truth is, I hate that soft white bread that most burgers are served on.  It gets stuck in your teeth, and has no flavor.  So, when we made these burgers, I realized that the bread part of the burger should not be forgotten. 

I have made this recipe several times since then, and it turns out it makes great sandwich bread too.  It's got such great flavor, and because they are buns instead of bread slices, you never have to worry about them falling apart.   My favorite sandwich of late is avacado.  Just mushed avacado on this bread.  Yep.  It's the new peanut butter.

This recipe only makes 12 buns, which we go through pretty fast.  I tried doubling the recipe and ended up with a sticky mess that (as Julia says) still made bread, but was too sticky to form into buns.  I'm playing around with the recipe now to try to figure out a way to make more at a time, and be able to knead it in my stand mixer.  I've been making all of our household bread the last couple of months, and it's been really exciting.  I'd love to get a recipe together that is easy enough to repeat on a weekly basis.  I'll let you know how it goes.   

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caitlyn said...

put a little bit of garlic salt on your avocado. it makes an awesome sandwich.