Being a parent on birthdays is so rewarding.  I can't believe how big and cute and sweet my kid is getting!

I decorated last night, so that it would be birthday time from the minute L got up.  I made a quick pink banner, laid out a table cloth, her birthday crown, and some nice flowers that John brought in.  I love these banners, and there are tutorials all over for them.  This is the second one I made, and I realized after my first banner sat on a shelf for 8 months, that it isn't really necessary to do all the fusing and hemming.  So this pink banner is just triangles of fabric with raw edges.  Hopefully I won't ever need to wash it, and it will be just as cute for the next pink occasion (ahem, in two weeks?).

I got the birthday crown idea from this sweet blog Skip to My Lou.  I just made mine up after seeing hers, but I love the shape of her crown!  After she put it on, L started waving her arms around saying, "Just like a princess!"  I'm not sure what these princesses are doing, but it was sure cute. 

We had a big breakfast followed by our little party.  We had birthday cookie instead of cake because I thought it would be more likely to get eaten.  The pink icing was a hit.  Who knew I could throw such a pink party?

The play food has been a huge hit, she's been playing with her kitchen and food all afternoon.  Along with John's super cute contribution of this sweet little wooden, rubber band, banjo.  It makes a neat, funny sound.  John thinks he might add some frets so you can make different chords, and just to make it even more banjo-y. Yeah, he's a cool dad. 

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