Quiet Book

I made a short video to show you this quiet book I made for someone else.  It turned out so well, I'm making one for J's birthday.  I made a quiet book for L's first birthday, too -  but this one is much better. These are so fun to make because there are endless possibilities.  Watch the video below, and then read my list of ideas and tips. 

  • I used a lot of felt, which is just easier and cleaner looking than a bunch of turned edges.  
  • I tried to incorporate other textures too, though, with a few upholstery fabrics, a doily appliqued on, fuzzy letters, and plastic.
  • I embroidered a few little designs to make some of the pages more interesting, nothing too complex though.
  • I made the fuzzy letters using this fun and simple applique technique my friend Julie showed me. See simple instructions here.
  • I tried to make each page incorporate a different action: buttoning, tying, pulling, sliding, poking, folding, zipping, hiding.  
  • I tried not to make too many pieces that come off and could get lost, although there are a few.  I put a pocket in the back to easily collect any pieces that are dropped.  
  • I stuffed a little poly fil under some of my appliques to make them a little raised and interesting.
  • I saved a plastic bag - the kind blankets come in, not groceries, and used it to make a jar with a butterfly inside.  You can easily sew it on the machine.  Tuck something underneath and zig zag the edge.  Ooh, wouldn't a fish tank be fun?
Related:  here's a flickr group devoted to soft books, with lots of good ideas.


    erin said...

    Laura--Loved the one you made for Clara. You have a gift!

    Care said...

    that is so, so cute!! I especially love the rainbow!

    john said...

    heh heh, Junie starts to walk into the video frame at the end.

    You did a great job!

    Chara said...

    Laura- That is too cute! I have been wanting to make something for Jonah with trucks and tools, but I haven't had the time. I'll have to look at the flikker group.


    appleandi said...

    This is SO cute! What did you use for the bug jar?

    Laura said...

    I'm not sure what it's called, but it's the plastic packaging that sets of sheets or blankets come in. You know what I mean? It's flexible and can be sewn easily on the machine.

    appleandi said...

    clear vinyl. THANKS! :)