Let's evaluate

I've totally fallen off the balance wagon lately.

I'm making some flannel graph (I know!) animals for our Sunday school; I threw together two tiny Halloween costumes (see my little chicken and egg below); I stocked my shop with turtle kits for the holidays; I'm still trying to finish my new handbag pattern; and, in clear violation of the rules, I started a new alligator pattern (with which I'm currently in love).

So I thought now would be a good time to review the rules, grade myself, and hopefully get back on the balanced mommy/making track:

1. The original no new projects rule became: do one thing at a time - no starting a new project until the first one is completed. F (currently working on 3 projects)

2. Crafting shouldn't take time away from the kids - the time has to come from somewhere else (for me this means turning off the computer during the day). C (currently distracted by spoonflower)

3. Schedule time for my crafting - which means not crafting time is mommy time. B (thanks, John)

4. Make art for pleasure - not just for selling. A+ (okay, this is the easy one)

5. Learn to delegate, you don't have to do it all yourself - Let someone else do it. B (making kits instead of turtles was inspired, but I should have finished my other projects first)

So, I think I'm pulling a C.

How, to get back on track? Return to the first project I started, put everything else aside until I finish it (see you later, alligator). Be prepared to play with the little people all afternoon, and fold the laundry, already (seriously).

Are you on the balance wagon?

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Rachel Locke said...

I am trying to balance it all as well. It's really hard to not sew when the mood strikes, because its mommy time.
How do you get your cute patterns uploaded to spoonflower? I have some sketches but I can't get them to look right once I get them on there. Any tips?