I've been working on this pattern for a long time. A long time. I first attempted a flip doll for L for her first Christmas. It was cute, and everyone loved it. But I was disappointed with the flatness of the animals, and I knew the construction probably wouldn't hold up very well. It was kind of tricky to put all of those pieces together in the right order - so I hand sewed part of it.

I've been reworking this pattern it in my head ever since. I've thrown out three prototypes in the last few months. I wanted to make one for J for her first Christmas.

But today, I finished a really satisfying design. And, man, that feels good.

The improvements: the arms and legs are now 3d instead of embroidered on, the heads are more shapely instead of flat, the constructions is much neater, and completely done on machine, so it will stand up to the pulling of little hands. Also, it's bigger - about 10" tall.

I have just a couple of bits I want to improve - teen tiny tweaks that are so insignificant they don't take away from this victory at all. So I'm planning on making another one or two this week - but then you can expect to find the pattern here sometime early next week. So here's the heads up for you loyal readers: I'll be doing my usual pattern giveaway for a short time before I move it to the shop. So if you're looking for a fun, but tricky little pattern, come back on Monday!


mtnman said...

I'm embarrassed that my first thought when I saw your title was "...The Insult Dog." Good thing I don't let Jonah stay up late and watch Conan. Also, you should probably delete this comment since it has nothing to do with cool flip dolls.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable! Delurking to say you are inspiring me to haul out the sewing machine. Many thanks! - Amie